Thick Gauge Thermoforming Machines

  • Sheet thicknesses greater than 3 mm (0.120 inches) is usually delivered to the forming machine by hand or an auto-feed method already cut to final dimensions.
  • Heavy gauge parts are used as cosmetic surfaces on permanent structures such as kiosks, automobiles, trucks, medical equipment, material handling equipment, refrigerators, spas, and shower enclosures, and electrical and electronic equipment.

thick gauge thermoforming machines

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[wptab name=’CN-T1020S Machine’] Description:

  • computerized thick sheet vacuum forming machine adopts leading technology and PLC control system
  • It has reliable performance and easy operation.
  • suitable for 2-10mm Thick ABS, PVC, PE, PP, PC and PMMA plastic boards


  • Refrigerator cabinet,bathrooms, shower room,bathtub, automotive upholsteries


MODEL CN-T1020S Thicker thermoforming machines
Talbe Size/Max Forming Area (mm) 1000×2000/950X1950mm
Heater Capacity 75kw (Single Up Oven)
MAX Forming Depth (mm) 500
Forming Speed (Cycles/Hour) 20-30
Air Compressor 15HP
Vacuum Pump 100Cubic meters
Machine Size 2800x2800x3500
Machine Weight 4800kgs
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