Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine Details

Vacuum forming machines are specially designed for acrylic light box, arylic lighting letters etc.This acrylic vacuum molding machine is a necessary equipment for making acrylic light box, acrylic lighting-letter, acrylic channel letter, acrylic sign macking. It’s an economic and useful machine for advertisement industrial.

Samples of Vacuum Formed Products

Acrylic Forming Process

There are three types of acrylic forming process:press forming,vacuum forming,blow forming.

Press Forming:
Process: Press forming, also known as compression molding, involves placing a heated sheet of acrylic between two molds and applying pressure until the material takes the shape of the molds.
Heating: The acrylic sheet is heated to a softened state, usually just below its melting point.
Molding: The softened sheet is placed between the molds, and pressure is applied uniformly to force the material into the desired shape.
Cooling: After shaping, the acrylic is cooled to set its shape.
Applications: Press forming is commonly used for manufacturing products with relatively simple shapes such as flat or slightly curved surfaces, like signs, display cases, and panels.
Vacuum Forming:
Process: Vacuum forming involves heating a sheet of acrylic and then stretching it over a mold. A vacuum is applied, which sucks the material onto the mold, forming the desired shape.
Heating: The acrylic sheet is heated until it becomes pliable.
Molding: The softened sheet is placed over the mold, and a vacuum is applied, which pulls the material tightly against the mold’s surface, forming the desired shape.
Cooling: Once formed, the acrylic is cooled to maintain its shape.
Applications: Vacuum forming is suitable for producing products with relatively shallow shapes, such as packaging trays, automotive interiors, and protective covers.
Blow Forming:
Process: Blow forming, also known as blow molding, involves heating a tube or parison of acrylic material and inflating it into a mold cavity to create the desired shape.
Heating: A tube or parison of acrylic is heated until it reaches a softened state.
Molding: The softened material is placed in a mold, and air pressure is used to inflate it, forcing it against the mold walls and taking its shape.
Cooling: Once the material has taken the shape of the mold, it is cooled to set the shape.
Applications: Blow forming is commonly used for producing hollow objects such as bottles, containers, and some types of industrial parts.
Each of these processes has its advantages and is suitable for different applications based on the complexity of the desired shapes and the properties of the acrylic material being used.

which kind of machine needed for acrylic products manufacturing?

1.forming machine :press forming machine,blow forming machine,vacuum forming machine.

2.Flame polisher

3.bending machine:for bending, manual or automaatic bending

4.Oven: heat the acrylic sheet

5.Edge trimmer: mainly for cutting the edge

6.Water Chiller.

Vacuum Forming

Blow Forming

Press Forming

Vacuum Forming

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