Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machines

are specially designed for acrylic light box, arylic lighting letters etc.This acrylic vacuum molding machine is a necessary equipment for making acrylic light box, acrylic lighting-letter, acrylic channel letter, acrylic sign macking. It’s an economic and useful machine for advertisement industrial.

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Custom Made Available: Max Forming Height 250MM

Table Size (mm)1500*15001500*27001500*1500
Max Forming Area(mm)1400*14001400*26001200*1200
MAX Forming Height (mm)70mm70mm250mm
Vacuum Speed3-4min/cycle3-4min/cycle3-4min/cycle

Buying Advice:

if Height of products < 70mm, Recommend CN-150/CN-270 At lower price.

If Height of products  >70MM, Recommend using our machine like CN-120 with Max forming height 250MM.Price is higher than CN-150

Mainly Features:

  • Mobile controller makes operation visible and more convenient.
  • Pneumatic door of heating box, energy saving and high efficiency.
  • Digital temperature controlled system, more intelligent.
  • Powerful hydraulic system, make strong and stable pressure.
  • Digital vacuum meter shows current pressure data.

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