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Thermoformed blister packs are the most common. blister trays are used in medicine and food packaging.“Blister pack” is a process known as thermoforming. It involves heating a sheet of plastic to a temperature.so the plastic sheet can be easily formed and molded into any shape.

we are a leading China manufacturer of Thermoforming and Blister packaging machinery,with about 20 years of experience.Blister packaging is for the purpose of separation,shockproof and foil.

The products packaged are mostly electronics,IT,industrial parts,toys,stationery,food,handicrafts and cosmetics,etc. It can pack many and small products to make the product more integrated Beautiful.

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Thermoforming Machine and Blister Machines
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Blister Machine Application

Our Automatic Blister Packaging Machinestoothbrush packaging machine  are widely used for toothbrush blister packaging. Such as dry erase marker,pencil and pen blister,toys and other personal care products.Blister packaging is used in a variety of markets and product categories.

For example: 1.electronic goods and USB drives,cables,headphones.2.stationery :pens,drawing pins,paper clips,superglue.3.batteries,toothbrushes and dental floss.

Blister Packaging Process:PVC film is heated and shaped based on the product shape.put the product in.Then heat seals the PVC film to a piece of cardboard.Plastic paper packaging,also known as Blister Cards or Face Seal. It is one of the most common blister packaging.

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