High Frequency Welding Machine

High frequency welding Machine, also known as media or electronic heat fusion welding, the materials applicable for high frequency welding can vary from very thin plastic sheets to the stiff plastic products. The machines are composed by the top platen (electrode) and the lower platen (electrode). You can weld your product by fixing the mold on the top or lower electrodes.other kinds of blister packaging machine price for reference.

It’s suitable for welding Blister&Blister, Blister&Paper card, Paper card&Paper card. Widely used in stationery, toys, electronic products, hardware, cosmetic etc.hf welding is a plastic welding process that utilizes high-frequency electric fields to induce heating and melting of thermoplastic base materials.The electric field is applied by a pair of electrodes after the parts being joined are clamped together.

High frequency is high frequency wave. High-frequency and ultrasonic are two different concepts. High-frequency refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100KHz, and ultrasonic refers to sound waves with a frequency greater than 20 kHz. The welding principle and welding principle of high-frequency waves are also different from ultrasonic waves.To achieve the purpose of welding and welding. High-frequency application fields are wide, so there are high-frequency plastic welding machines, high-frequency plastic fusing machines, high-frequency folding box creasing machines, and high frequency welding and cutting machine.

high frequency welding machine
Model CN-5KW CN-8KW
Max HF Output 5KW 8KW
Power Supply 380V 380V
Machine Size(L*W*H) 1000*1600*1700MM 1100*1600*1700MM
Weight 300KG 400KG

Widely Application

HF Welding Machines
  • PLC Control System And Colorful Touch Screen
  • Anti Spark System will protect the mold
  • Automatic Rotate Table Machine with Four Stations

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