Automatic Cup Lid Machine

Automatic Cup Lid Machine

  • Unwinding,forming,punching,stamping five stations sychoronization automatic production.
  • Not only effectively solve problems of capital and labour invest amountly in PS/PET/PVC etc plastic production,but also applies widly in metal ,food and medical PS/PET/PVC etc plastic production.
  • reasonable price and wondful outlook of machine get the good mark from home and abroad.

plastic cup lid making machines

Main Features:

  • The achievement of GMP/QS double standand purification clean production , improve product hygiene and safety,
  • The use of special feeding devices, electricity savings of 20 times, special stamping device, material savings one of fifth
  • Adopt PLC man-machine interface, frequency conversion stepless speed control, PC Circuit Control Panel

Working Process :

working process of cup lid machines

forming mould and cutting mould of lid machine


Cutting Speed15-45times/min15-45times/min
Max Forming Height30/45/60mm30mm
Max Forming Area350*160mm400*160mm
Motor Power1.5KW1.5KW
Machine Size(mm)2500*900*16002500*1000*1600

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