Toothbrush Packaging Machine

Toothbrush packaging machines

Toothbrush Packaging Machines |CN-300A |CN-500A

Max Forming Area250*150*40mm280*300*50mm
Cutting Frequency15-20times/min12-15times/min
Air Compressed6-8 bar6-8 bar
Machine Size(L*W*H)5000*800*1800MM7000*1000*1800MM


Automatic Blister packaging Machine
  • Pressure Forming,Heat Sealing,Cutting Inline
  • PLC Control System And Colorful Touch Screen
  • Up And Down Heat elements to saving heating time
  • Servo Motor to keep accurate
  • SMC Japan Brand Pneumatic components





Automatic Toothbrush Packaging Machines

High Productivity with Reasonable Price

  • Saving Labor cost: only 1 worker will be ok.
  • Easily to operate the machine: no need special engineer.
  • Saving Material: clamping edge only need 5mm on each side.Toothbrush packing machine
  • High Speed: about 4 s/Mold, CN-300A: 30 pcs/Min, CN-500A: 75 pcs/min
  • widely used for Electric toothbrush,Interdental brush,Sulcabrush manufacturers such as Colgate, Sonicare, Crest, Oral B and more in USA,Mumbai,Canada,Indonesia,Japan,UK,Delhi,Toothbrush Packaging Machine.etc
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