Advantages of Blister Packaging

There is no overemphasizing the importance packaging plays when it comes to profiting from the sale of a product. It really doesn’t matter what kind of product we’re talking about, without the right packaging, it will be lucky to get to the shelf, much less off it. While there are more options than ever before, one that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons is blister packaging.

blister packaging advantages
The Plastic Blister

  • Even though the name sounds a bit unappealing, it’s well deserved. Blister packaging is accomplished by creating a plastic bubble that covers the product inside it.
  • The other side of this packaging is then generally cardboard. So, the name comes from the fact that it appears as though a plastic blister is rising up over the item, creating a cavity that secures it.
  • Even though the name may leave something to be desired, though, the packaging itself absolutely doesn’t.

Transparent Barrier

  • Although the plastic blister creates a barrier between the outside world and the product inside, it’s also transparent. So, customers have no problem seeing the item inside. This is ideal for candy companies that rely, in some part, on their customers seeing the tasty treat they’re thinking about buying.
  • But it also works to instill a sense of reliability in customers for other products too. Scissors and other utensils often come with blister packaging, which allows the customer to see that the tool appears as though it will meet the promises made on the package.

Durable Protection

  • Despite this transparency, you don’t have to worry that the blister is going to crack like glass. Plastic is an extremely durable material.
  • So no matter where we’re talking about in the supply chain, you don’t have to worry that the product inside the blister is going to someone get damaged.

Cost Effective

  • Even though plastic is extremely effective on account of its durability, you won’t need to pay a premium for it. Plastic is a very affordable material, meaning your overhead won’t take much of a hit just because you want to keep your product safe and well-presented.

Reliable Reputation

  • It says something for the method that blister packaging has been around for decades. Although many parts of the manufacturing process have changed, there’s a reason why people in your position continue to come back to this reliable form of packaging.

Suitable Blister Packaging Machines

When you want your products displayed well with minimal issues from outside forces, blister packaging is the easy answer. So long as you use a suitable machine like the CN-300A, you’ll get all the benefits at less cost and in less time.

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