Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine

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Shrink tunnel Machines are applied to heat shrinkable film such as PVC, POF, PP etc,
Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine China

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ModelCN-400/200 AF
Heating TypesInfrared RayInfrared Ray
ConvererHeat Resistant Fiber TubesHeat Resistant Fiber Tubes
Power Voltage220V/5.5KW380V/8.2KW
Chamber Size400*200*1000MM400*250*1200MM
Machine size1300*600*1400 mm1400*610*1600 mm

Application of Shrink Tunnel Machines:

Heat Shrink wrapping Machines

  • This shrink wrapping machine is widely applied for outer shrink packing of various products, such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, video disc, hardware, cosmetics, book, toy and electronic products etc.
  • To shrink wrapping the combined products in supermarket for sales promotion, such as foodstuff, beverage, cosmetics, presswork and toy etc.
  • To use in place where there is restriction on space, such as supermarket, monopolization shop, office and some laboratory etc

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