Thermoforming Mold &Vacuum Forming Molds Design

Thermoforming Mold,Vacuum Forming Mold,Aluminum Molds are cut out of a solid block of aluminum using a CNC machine and some sort of CAD program.Typically aluminum mould is used for shallow draw parts out of thin gauge material. Applications may include packaging as well as trays. Again, cost is a significant factor with this type of tooling.

Plastic Tray Vacuum Forming Mould:

thermoforming & vacuum forming moulds

Cup Thermoforming Mould:

Cup thermoforming mould

Die Cutting Mould:

die cutting mould

We design and produce defferent types of Aluminium moulds as per the customers’ Specifications, to produce accurate shapes and size. We design thermoforming moulds and vacuum forming moulds using latest technology (CAD/CAM).

Our Thermoforming & Vacuum forming mold design Center:

Vacuum forming mould design