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Our automatic paper cup machine operates simple, stable performance with high efficiency which can make quality paper cups such as tea cups, beverage cups, coffee cups, icecream cups, etc.

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There are two series paper cup machines:

  • A Series Paper Cup Making Machines:( for Single-Side PE Coated Paper)
  • B Series Paper Cup Making Machines:(For Single/Two-SIdes PE Coated Paper)


MODEL CN-A12/16 Paper Cup Machine CN-B12/16 Cup Machine
Cup Size 3-12oz/12-16oz 3-12oz/12-16oz
Productivity 45-55/30-45 (pcs/min) 40-50/30-45 (pcs/min)
Raw Material 1-side PE Film Coated Paper 1/2-sides PE Coated Paper
Paper GSM 150-230g/sm/150-250g/sm 170-420g/sm
Power 220V/380V 50Hz 220V/380V 50Hz
Total Power 4.8KW 4.8KW
Weight 1500KG 1500KG
Machine Size L2700*W1100*H1600 L2700*W1200*H1600

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