Semi Auto Blister Packaging Machine

Semi Auto Blister Packaging Machine CN-50

ModelCN-50 Manual Blister packing machine
Packing Area (mm)500×300
Capacity3~4 Sec/pc
HeaterConstant capacity 1.8kw
semi automatic blister packaging machines

Semi Auto Blister Packaging Machine

the machine is mainly used for heat sealing packaging of blister and paper card, using the principle of pulse heating (36V voltage makes the bakelite mold heat) according to the size of the workpiece (heating area) to choose different current output and power-on time, and then cooling Heat-sealed packaging is completed under pressure. The packaging products are transparent and beautiful, and the packaging speed is fast. It adopts the principle of adjustable electric heating to complete the heat sealing of the blister and the cardboard.

It is mainly suitable for packaging exquisite toys, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, industrial products and hardware products, small tools, etc., sealed into a beautiful and transparent jacket, as far as possible to show the various advantages of the packaged items, which is clear at a glance.

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