What’s Flow Pack?  Flow Pack technology is one of the most frequent and commonly used packaging solutions, and finds its ideal application in the produce, meat, baked goods and non food packaging.(Grouppo Fabbri)

what is flow pack

Products are wrapped in trays or introduced inside a small bag made of plastic material or of materials mixture.

Advantages of Flow Pack:

  • Fresh food packing with or without tray.
  • Perfect water steam and oxygen permeability allowing the products’ shelf life extension by reducing weight losses due to dehydration.
  • Possibility to customize the film print upon customers’ demand with the aim of enhancing the trade mark and attracting the consumers’ attention on the product.

Packed By Flow Pack Wrapper:

Horizontal Flow pack WrapperDown Feeding Flow pack WrapperReciprocal Flow pack Wrapper
HP Flow Pack WrapperDP Flow Pack WrapperRP Flow Pack Wrapper