• The packaging machine market is as competitive as ever. With just about every industry seeing saturated markets, those that demand quality packaging have brought out a number of manufacturers all vying for their business. Companies that make toothbrushes are a prime example.
  • However, if you want the best for your toothbrushes, there isn’t much competition at all. The CN-300A and CN-500A are far and away the best in the packaging machine market. Let’s look at why this is.

toothbrush packing machine

Blister Packaging

  • First, they specialize in blister packaging. This is the perfect format for any packaging used for toothbrushes. The plastic shell it forms protects the toothbrush inside with durable plastic. This material is extremely tough, yet doesn’t cost a lot of money to use.
  • Plus, when utilized in blister packaging, it’s completely transparent, so customers can see the high-quality toothbrush inside.While blister packaging is great, it’s also only as good as the machine used to apply it. This is where the CN-300A and CN-500A really shine.

Cut Overhead

  • Amongst other things, these machines represent investments that will garner you a larger share of your revenue by cutting down on overhead.
  • For one thing, you only need one employee to operate these machines. Either of them is going to work as the most user-friendly packaging machine in the market, so training doesn’t take long. This means you won’t have to spend extra funds on securing someone with an engineering background. If you need to replace the operator, this won’t be very difficult either.
  • Although we mentioned that plastic is affordable, that’s still no reason to go using it haphazardly. Wasted materials could definitely represent a large portion of your current expenditures. Any packaging machine on the market worth your time should definitely make the most of the plastic you buy. When you use the Cn-300A or CN-500A, you can be sure that their precision design means no plastic is being wasted.

No More Human Error

  • Along the same lines, these machines are incapable of human error. So you don’t have to worry about an employee making a mistake—much less many of them—and affecting the packages your toothbrushes need. Only one operator is necessary and, like we mentioned, working these machines is extremely easy.

Cut Production Time

  • Furthermore, no employee could ever keep up with how fast these machines work. Their cutting frequency alone, at the very lowest, is 12 per minute. And remember, these are exact cuts each and every time.
  • The end result is that you get to produce more packages and thus ship out more toothbrushes. So if you should see demand start growing quickly, you have a mechanic option that is ready to keep pace.

Although you may think you know which toothbrush packaging machine on the market is best, if you’re not eyeing a CN-300 or CN-500, you’re mistaken. These machines have been specifically designed to address the packaging needs of the toothbrush industry. This means you save money, can package more and get a better finished product sure to protect your toothbrushes.