Although you have more options today than ever before when it comes to the containers your products go in, that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. You want a container that can offer the best possibility to increase sales and lower overhead. For this, countless companies have come to rely on clear cylinder containers for this important job.


plastic cylinder container machine

  • Simply put, clear cylinder containers look good on the shelves. The definitely have a professional aesthetic to them, for one. Plastic may be a relatively affordable material, but when it’s molded into a transparent cylinder, it makes your product look a million times better next to competitors using cardboard, paper, or some other material.
  • Plus, being as it’s transparent, your customers get a view of what they’re about to buy. Loyal customers may not care, but prospective ones who have second thoughts could easily be won over by getting to see the product inside.


  • Let’s talk about what transparency means for you as the manufacturer. Yeah, it’s great for presentation, but it benefits you in a number of other ways too. First, everyone involved in the supply chain can become a passive source of quality control. If anything happens to the product inside, they’ll be able to notice immediately.
  • At the same time, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing the contents and leaving another customer burned. Even though they can just return it, missing out on the product they expected could rightly rub a customer the wrong way.


  • We usually don’t associate transparency with durability. But clear cylinder containers are actually extremely durable. If you use a machine like the CN-A200, you can harness the tensile strength of transparent plastic materials like PETG, APET and PVC. So you can be assured that your product will show up in your customer’s hand exactly as it looked when it left your factory.
  • Plastic is also a good theft deterrent. While customers won’t struggle opening clear cylinder containers, it’s definitely not an act that lends itself to subtlety. Anyone who wants to steal your product is going to have a hard time doing so in the middle of a store. Plus, like we mentioned, if a theft is accomplished, your customers aren’t likely to get fooled.


  • No matter what size your product is, you can get a cylinder that will fit it. They come in all different lengths, thicknesses and diameters. So don’t think that your item couldn’t benefit from this solution because of its shape or size.

The Right Machine for the Job

  • While there’s no doubt that clear cylinder containers are one of the best options for packaging, you still want to make sure you pick one of the best options for actually making them. With the CN-A200 cylinder making machine, you can get the highest quality cylinders made.
  • Plus, you get these great products without all the overhead that comes with paying people for the manufacturing or relying on outdated machines.

So no matter what kind of product you produce, a plastic cylinder is probably the best option for packaging. If you choose the CN-A200, you can be assured that the cylinders you use will also be the best possible version.