• The candy industry is worth well over $100 billion every year, with no signs of slowing down. So if this is your market, you have plenty of reason to celebrate. That being said, you could also stand to make a lot more money if you reviewed your packaging process.
  • Clear candy cylinder packaging has long been used as a way to move a product from the factory to the store shelf to the hands of your customers without compromising the quality of the product inside. But if you’re not using a CN-A200 automatic cylinder making machine for the job, you’re missing out.

cylinder machine for candy packaging

  • When you use this clear candy cylinder packaging machine, your product is going to come out into your customers’ hands just like it left your factory.
  • That’s because the strength of PETG, APET, PVC and other transparent plastic materials are being used to protect it. It’s easy to forget how durable plastic is, but there’s a reason this material has stood the test of time: because it’s withstood every test thrown at it.


  • Obviously, another benefit of the clear candy cylinder packaging produced by the CN-A200 is that it’s transparent. After all, even if you could find a product as durable and cost-effective as plastic, it wouldn’t be worth using if the customer couldn’t see the candy inside,also widely used in chocolate Cylinder Packaging.
  • While taste is no doubt your specialty, you probably understand that a big part of the sale comes from a customer seeing the actual candy and realizing how badly they want it. With a clear plastic cylinder, this association is never interrupted.


  • Now, these benefits are great for producing the sale. But they wouldn’t be of much value if your manufacturing process was costly. With the CN-A200, you never have to worry about that. This machine was built around the idea of automation. As a company, the more you can automate, the more you’ll benefit.
  • The CN-A200 automatically handles material feeding and the process of unloading. This means you’re not paying someone to handle these important steps. It also means you aren’t leaving it vulnerable to the potential for human error (it’s not like these machines get tired, distracted, bored, etc.). Plus, the CN-A200 can handle these essential steps far faster than any human ever could.
  • So,you get a better product, faster and at less cost. Amongst other things, the upshot is that if your market share begins to grow, you don’t have to worry that clear candy cylinder packaging will cause a bottleneck for scaling up. You have the best possible machine for the job handling it.


  • Lastly, no matter what size candy we’re talking about, the CN-A200 can accommodate it. This machine can produce a cylinder length between 10-3000 millimeters, a diameter between 40-200 millimeters and a thickness between 0.2-1.0 millimeters.
  • Hopefully, by now, you understand the benefits of clear candy cylinder packaging. However, if you’re not using the CN-A200 to handle this process, your company will always be stuck with unnecessary overhead and bottlenecks.