Vacuum & Thermoforming Machines FAQ

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How long does it take you to produce a vacuum forming machines?

As a general rule of thumb, it takes us 35 to 40 days, from start to finish, to complete a vacuum forming machine. Customer Made machines such as Thick thermoforming machine with large size can increase this time by a few days, as in most cases we need design according to the customer’s requirements to manufacturer the machine.


How well does your thermoforming machines hold up?

We are more than happy to provide references of customers who have been using our machines for years — some of them more than a decade. most parts of our machine are famous brand to assure that the good quality of the machines.

We have sold many sets to UAE,Vietnam,Malaysia,and Indonesia, almost all customers don’t have any problems for 1-2 years.  That said, we tell a story of a customers who have been bought 2sets vacuum forming machine from us in 2011,and bought another 2 sets in 2012.Does our machine hold up? We like to think so.


what about the install and operation of the vacuum forming machines?

The install and operation is very easy! Meanwhile, we will supply a video and some documents of operation for reference. We even can send engineers to help you to  install and training, but the buyer have to charge all the fee.


How Many People needed to Operate the machines ?

1 person to operate the CN-710 Forming Machine,1 Person to operate CN-30T Cutting Machine.


what about the after sale service of the machine?

I:One year’s maintenance;(our customer usually buying more easily damaged parts such as heat elements, temperature control.etc

II:Lifelong service (If on site service is requested (or necessary), for any reason,where the equipment is used, the Customer will pay for all of the service technician’s costs: travel time and expenses plus room and board (if any).)


what’s the productivity of your vacuum forming machine?

I: vacuum forming machine Max forming area: 710*1220mm, 3-6die/min,you can caculate according to the size of your products

II:Thick Thermoforming Machine: according to the products, usually about 20-30pcs/hour for thick products.


What about the materials? Price? waste rate?

I:Thin forming: Roll Materails:PVC,PET,PP,PS.etc(Thickness:0.2-1.5mm)(Width:460-760mm),Price : about 2000-2500USD/Ton, Waste rate : 30%.

II:Thick-Forming: ABS,PC. usually board size: 1000*2000mm, 1220*2440mm,about 40USD/pc


which kind of additational equipment need?

Air compressor needed (15HP),different Cutting machine for thin and thick thermoforming (cut the products into pieces).


what about the forming mould and cutting mould?

Forming Mould: Aluminum thermoforming Mould (Price according to Products);Cutting Knife for cutting machine:Steel and wood;We have professional mould maker!if need, please send us the details of your products.