• Applied for APET,PETG,GAG, and ect enviroment-friendly materials, soft crease box making under continuous operation in application of high frequency welding and folding

High frequency welding and cutting machine supplier

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Other Applications:

1.Synchronously weld and cut of cardboard plastics cover(like toothbrush packing)
2.Synchronously weld and cut of leather product: auto leather chair, shadow shield, shoes, footwear products, watch band, CD bag, trademark etc/
3.Polyester materials welding and cutting
4.Car seat polyester or leather materials, sunboard, and handles welding
5.Cothcoated materials welding and cutting

Max HF Power8000W15000W
Power Voltage380V/AC 50/60HZ380V/AC 50/60HZ
Oscillation frequency27.12MHZ27.12MHZ
Dimension of upper board300*500 mm400*600 mm
Dimension of lower board400*600 mm500*700 mm
RectifierSilicon DiodeSilicon Diode
Vibration tub7T857T69
Air/Oil presure10Ton15 Ton
Machine size1700*1300*1900 mm2400*1700*2100mm

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