• If you’re in the toothbrush business, your revenues are probably looking pretty good right now. You can take an India made toothbrush, package it, and put it on the shelves, yet still charge a fairly good sum for it.
  • Everyone needs a toothbrush too and most people buy at least one a year. However, as the market gets more competitive, you should be looking for ways to cut your costs. One easy way to take an India made toothbrush and profit even more from it is by addressing your packaging practices.

The Only Way to Handle Packaging

  • Like most companies, you’re probably using one of two methods to package each India made toothbrush. That means you’re probably also incurring a lot of overhead for each unit though.
  • Hopefully, you’re not using people to handle every step of the entire process. It doesn’t matter where you outsource this kind of practice to, you’re bound to be losing money with each step.
  • Most companies leverage technology for their packaging, which makes a lot more sense for a number of reasons. Still, if you’re not using the CN-300 or CN-500 for your packaging, you’re still paying more than you should for the finished result.

The Next Generation of Blister Packaging

  • Everyone knows an India made toothbrush needs to go in blister packaging. This is the kind of packaging that comes with a plastic cavity that allows the customer to see the toothbrush they’re thinking about buying, but also protects the product from whatever the outside world throws at it.
  • There’s a number of reasons this option has become the industry standard and we could discuss them each in depth here at length.
  • The point, however, is that even blister packaging can lead to lackluster results without the help of cutting-edge technology like the CN-300 and CN-500 Toothbrush Packaging Machine.

Precision Packaging

  • One of the best parts about these machines is that they offer the best possible solution to the potential losses you could suffer from wasting materials. Every time cardboard is cut and plastic is submitted to thermoforming, you’re vulnerable to a loss.
  • One package is no big deal. Even a hundred wouldn’t be terrible. But consider how many toothbrushes you package each day. If even half of them are accounting for wasted materials, your revenue is getting vandalized.
  • With the CN-300 and CN-500, they can form plastic and clamp it into place with precision that goes down to the millimeter. Literally, all it takes is an extra five millimeters of material on either side and these machines can ensure the very best in blister packaging.

toothbrush blister packing machine
Reduced Costs

  • Even if you’re already relying on machines, you’re probably also relying too much on people. The truth is that each employee costs a lot of money and also represents the possibility of human error. With the latest machinery, this is no longer a concern you need to worry about.

There’s no argument that an India made toothbrush can save you a lot of money and bring in large profits. But don’t overlook how the CN-300 and CN-500 could be helping you hang on to even more of your revenue too.