Plastic Cup Making Machines

The machine has many advantages such as stable running, low noise, good mould locking force and high-grade finished products. It mainly fits to PS, PP, PE, HIPS and other thermoplastic sheet and produce all kinds of jelly cup, drinking cup, packing box and other high-grade container.

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  •  CN-660 thermoforming machine is designed with most advanced thermoformingtechnology
  • maninterface operation,preheating by heat conduction oil roller,send sheet by chain,running by cam,press by,forming by air pressure.
  • combines the prehecting,materal feeding,heating,drawing,forming,cutting and rewinding into one process.


MODELCN-660IICN-660III for High Depth
Forming Area (mm)650×320650×320
MAX Forming Depth (mm)125mm150mm
Forming Speed (Cycles/min)16~3516~35
Air Compressor15HP15HP
MaterialsPVC,PS,PP,PET,HIPS less than 660mm, thickness: 0.3-1.8mmSame
Machine Size3350x1500x23003350x1500x2300
Machine Weight5500kgs6000kgs

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Cup making machine is sometimes referred to as :

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