Blister Machine Price

blister packaging machine price:blister packaging machine price

Manual Blister machine : price is very cheap only about 1000-2000USD

  • This kind of machine started with the blister industry,Only have 2 or 3 working station, Need to put the formed blister and paper card by hand. Usually widely used for small productivity. ( PVC Blister + Paper Card Heat Sealing) Such as our CN-50 Semi auto blister packaging machine

Continuous Blister Machine : About 3000-4000USD

  • function and working process is like Manual Blister Machine, also need to put the formed blister and paper card by hand.The difference is that this machine is continuous with higher productivity ( PVC Blister + Paper Card Heat Sealing),Such As our CN-40 Automatic blister packaging Machines

High Frequency Blister Machine:  About 5000-8000USD

  • Usually have Two Working or Three Working Station Blister welding and cutting suitable for (PVC,PET /Paper Card blister Packaging) such as our High Frequency welding machine

Blister Forming and Packaging Machine: Price is Competitive,Get Quotation Now

Customized 20-150KW High Frequency Welding Machine.Professional Manufacturer of big size HF welding machine.High frequency welding in using external pressure together with electromagnetic [...]

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