High speed Drying Color Mixer Supplier From China

High speed Drying Color Mixer

  • Device of micro-controllor of temperature and time make you a quite easy operating setting.
  • Optimal structure, stable working performance and using-friendly design.
  • Imported stainless steel for easy cleaning and routine maintenance
  • Automatic stop device which can be set an automatic stop in 0-999 minutes.
  • Installed double-wall tank ensure lowest heat dissipation.
  • A magnetic metal collector equiped in chamber is optional upon your request.

High speed Drying Color Mixer from China

KwHPKgV / PhaseR / MinmmKg
DCM255.57.525380 / 3480100*69*124200
DCM507.51050380 / 3480117*83*135230
DCM1001520100380 / 3480134*98*152270
DCM2003040200380 / 3480170*130*170700
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