Horizontal Color Mixer Supplier From China

Horizontal Color Mixer

  • Horizontal Color Mixer is widely used for powder,granule,solid plastic material, plastic extrusion,injestion processing and color master batch mixing.
  • As a large plastic color mixer, it have a better performance than traditional plastic color mixer. it characterize large mixing capacity,low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Horizontal Color Mixer supplier

KwHPKgV / PhaseR / MinmmKg
HCM1002.23100380 / 3631100*850*1300300
HCM15045.5150380 / 3631400*850*1300350
HCM20045.5200380 / 3631500*950*1400500
HCM2507.510250380 / 3631875*1000*1500650
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