Toothbrush Blister Packaging

Toothbrush Blister Packaging:

  • No matter what kind of toothbrush you produce, you can’t afford to put it in lackluster packaging.
  • There’s the issue of it becoming damaged during transit for one thing. However, another issue you need to think about is presentation. The market is far too saturated for you to risk losing a customer because your packaging left something to be desired.
  • Fortunately, with the CN-500A, you can optimize your entire packaging process.

toothbrush blister packing machine
Blister Packaging

  • The CN-300A and CN-500A specialize in producing toothbrush blister packaging. This is the preferred option throughout the industry for a number of reasons. For one, it makes sticker and label application a breeze. However, even when the stickers and labels are applied, your customer will have no issue viewing the toothbrush inside. You take pride in producing a superior item, so it makes sense that you’d want to show if off and that this would even be a big part of making the sale.
  • Plus, this kind of packaging uses plastic. Although it’s an extremely affordable material (another benefit), plastic is about as durable as it gets as far as conventional packaging is concerned. So although your customer can see the toothbrush, plastic still keeps the outside world at bay.

Save on Materials

  • Just because plastic is affordable doesn’t mean it’s ok to waste it. When materials go to waste, you lose money on every item you ship out. Fortunately, when you leverage the precision of the CN300A or CN500A blister packaging machine, you don’t have to worry about any plastic getting left behind. These machines are so fine-tuned, they only need five millimeters of extra material to form the seal you want on your packaging.

Reduce the Need for Employees

  • While you’ll want employees to handle sticker and label application, that’s about all you need when using these machines. One employee is enough to operate the machine and facilitate sticker and label application at the same time. Heating, forming, applying the cardboard, sealing and cutting are all functions these machines can handle on their own.
  • Obviously, this is going to save you a lot on overhead you’d otherwise be spending on employees. These machines are extremely easy to operate and it’s not like sticker and label application necessitates an advanced degree, so those you do hire don’t come with a demanding wage. This also means that if you need to replace a worker, you should have no problem finding someone else, even on short notice.
  • Furthermore, employees always come with the risk of human error. Whether it’s because they’re tired, bored, distracted, disgruntled, etc., people can cause all kinds of errors in your working process.
  • But, when you use either the CN-300A or CN-500A, your manufacturing program becomes far less susceptible to the errors people can make.

On top of all this, no person—or group of people, for that matter—could ever match what these machines can do in terms of speed. So you get more packaging done in less amount of time, yet still benefit from better quality.
So when you demand perfect packaging, just remember what the CN300A and CN500A can do. Either option is a great choice for providing the kind of packaging your products deserve.

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