• Feeding,Automatic folding,Gluing all inline.Fully automatic for making PP,PETG,GAG,PVC clear plastic box.CN-A700 is good choice for you to make clear plastic box.

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ModelCN-A700 Automatic Plastic Box Making Machine
Suitable MaterialPP,PETG,APET,PVC,GAG Clear plastic Box
Width of Box120-700MM
Machine size6000*1300*1100 mm
RemarkBox Size Can be Adjustable

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Advantages of plastic Box Making Machine:

  • Fully Automatic, Saving labour cost,High Productivity
  • Using electronic sensors to spray glue for PET Box,saving Glue.
  • Perfect For Gluing PVC ,PET,GAG,PP Box. Economical, Adjustable.
Plastic Box Gluing MachinePlastic Box Folding Machines
Plastic Box Gluing MachinePlastic Box Folding Machines
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Download Brochure of Cylinder Machines:

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