Big Mixing Blender Machine Supplier From China

Big Mixing Blender Machine
Big Mixing Blender Machine is widely used for large volume of plastics mixing in short time by untilizing the paddles rotation to stir the material from the bottom to the top. blending the material flow back to the bottom and a complete mixing-function in a short period of time. It is a necessity in moden plastic industry.

big heavy duty plastic mixer blender

KwHPKgV / PhaseR / MinmmKg
BMM50034500380 / 33001450*1100*2200450
BMM100045.51000380 / 33001580*1380*3100630
BMM20005.57.52000380 / 33001890*1680*34701050
BMM300010103000380 / 33002350*2130*35601250
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