Clear Plastic Egg Tray Machines——Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines

plastic clear egg tray machines

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Why clear plastic egg tray packaging?

  • Hygienic, easy to handle, safe
  • clear egg packs give consumers the unique advantage to see what they buy – without opening the pack.
  • reduces the risk of breakage dramatically, it increases hygienic aspects, broken eggs are detected at first glance.
  • no need to pollute or waste water and  can be 100% recycled
  • egg purchase in the supermarket becomes more quick, easy and comfortable.

What about the materials? Price? waste rate?

  • PVC,PET,PS,etc Roll  Materials (Thickness:0.2–1.5mm)(Width:460-760mm)
  • Material Price : about 2000-3000USD/Ton, Waste rate : 30%.

Famous manufacturers and trader of clear egg packaging:

  • Ovotherm (Australia),SODESA(Spain), SIMEX(Turkey Trader)for reference.

working process: roll sheet material–heat–vacuum formed

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