Dental Vacuum Forming Machines Supplier From China

Vacuum Molding & Forming Machine is specially designed for dental applications.

Dental Vacuum Forming machine Supplier

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Our efficient portable unit delivers powerful suction and the highest level of performance,while its compact design saves you precious working counter space. The motor of our new vacuum former is strategically placed below its perforated stage, which creates a direct downward suction, ensuring the utmost precision. Durable and user-friendly, our Vacuum Forming Machine will withstand years of rigorous use and prove to be an indispensable tool for any dental office.

Technical Data:

ModelCN-SJK Series
Voltage220V/50HZ OR 110V/60HZ
Machine Size25*21*30CM
Machine Weight6KG


•Decolorization braces forming and production;
•Orthodontic appliances remain, arch molding and plywood production;
•Periodontal disease, fluoride treatment and production of the molding tray;
•Temporary, permanent base, dental care of the molding and production.


•Main unit 1pc
•Power cord 1pc
•Manual 1pc