• While toothbrushes are an item just about everyone in the world uses, there are so many brands out there that the model each person uses can differ greatly. Plus, with the rise of electric toothbrushes, there are even more choices in the market than ever before.
  • Nonetheless, even if you’re selling the best toothbrush brand available, you won’t get the profit you want if your revenues are suffering from overhead. One easy way to address this issue is by looking at your packaging process. If you’re not using machines like the CN-300A and CN-500A, you’re probably paying more for packaging than you should be. Let’s look at why.


Improved Technology

  • Any company using an assembly line predominantly operated by people is definitely eating unnecessary overhead. That being said, if the machinery you have aimed at the process isn’t the most modern, you’re probably also suffering from extraneous costs.
  • Just like with every industry, you need the best technology on the case. For packaging toothbrushes, this is undoubtedly models CN-300A and CN-500A. They can address any toothbrush brand with the efficiency that only cutting-edge machinery and computer operations can provide.

Precision Manufacturing

  • As an example, these machines can clamp an edge on your packaging with only five millimeters of material available. That’s impressive in its own right, but even more so when you consider what that means for your company’s bottom line. Any machine or person that needs more space to address that part of the packaging just costs you in extra materials. So, again, you can sell the most popular toothbrush brand on the planet, but every unit you send out represents a loss in revenues now.

Keep Labor Costs Down

  • That’s far from the only way these machines can save you money on the toothbrush brand you sell though. That’s because this is far from the only part of the working process these machines will handle. So not only will you get better quality packaging across the board, you also don’t have to pay as many people to work the assembly line for you.
  • Both the CN-300A and CN-500A can run with just a single person at the controls. Plus, they’re so easy to use that you don’t need to spend a lot on hiring someone with an engineering degree or some other credential that means they cost more. While you may still need skilled employees, at least now you can allocate their talents where they’re most needed.

Get More Packaging Done

  • Despite all these benefits and the high-quality packaging you get for your product, these machines will actually speed up the rate at which you can handle the entire process. As we mentioned, the market for toothbrushes is only going to grow more and more. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep up with demand and not have to continue paying for it?

So no matter what toothbrush brand you’re selling, don’t forget that you could always be making more from each unit if you analyze your packaging process. Thanks to the CN-300A and CN-500A Automatic Toothbrush Packing Machine, you can spend less, yet make more.