What is Vacuum Forming  ?

thermoforming application

Vacuum forming is a very economical method for producing plastic parts.

Vacuum forming process can produce large or small parts in low quantities at a reasonable price. This involves the controlled heating of a thermoplastic material to a temperature where it is pliable enough to be altered by the shape of a mold.

Vacuum forming mold can be made of wood, phenolic or aluminum, so tooling can be optimized depending on the properties required. In this method, the heated thermoplastic is forced against the mold by the air pressure differential created by pulling a vacuum between the sheet and the mold.

Plastic vacuum forming products:Vacuum forming panels, vacuum forming trays such as electronic tray,plastic egg tray,vacuum forming containers such as fast food container!

Vacuum forming materials:ABS, PS, PVC, PETG, PMMA, PC, PE, PP etc.

Vacuum forming products application:widely used in auto, medical, household, food, packing, home appliance, advertisement, lighting, display, beauty equipment, promotional items etc.

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